RAW Thumper Cone Filler / Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine - Fills 100 Cones in Minutes

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Introducing the RAW Thumper Cone Filler / Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine, a game-changer for high-volume cone filling. This machine is a must-have for dispensaries and large-scale cannabis operations.

The RAW Thumper is a high-quality cone filler that efficiently fills 100 cones in minutes. It utilizes sound waves to tap the cones and vibrate the material, ensuring a consistent and even fill every time.

This pre-roll filling machine is designed for those who need volume production and is fully backed by RAW's quality assurance. The Thumper is the ultimate solution for fast and efficient cone filling:

  • Fills 100 cones in minutes
  • Uses sound waves for efficient filling
  • Includes attachments for 1-1/4, 98 Special, and King Size cones
  • 3-month warranty and available replacement parts

Compatible with RAW 1-1/4, 98 Special, and King Size cones, the RAW Thumper is ideal for those who prioritize speed and efficiency in their operations. Get yours today at MJ Supply + Co and revolutionize your cone filling process!

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