RAW Rocket Booster Cone w/ Cannabinoid Hactivators | Lemon Jack | King Size


Quantity: 1 Pack (1 Cone)


Introducing the Lemon Jack RAW Rocket Booster Cone, a king-size pre-rolled cone infused with terpenes and Herbal Kanna cannabinoid Hactivators for an unparalleled smoking experience.

These Rocket Booster cones are designed to enhance your experience by stimulating presynaptic CB1 receptors in the brain, offering a unique solution to tolerance issues and elevating your smoking sessions.

Simply fill this cone with a balanced strain for an optimal experience, and you're set for lift-off. Prepare for one of the most memorable smokes of your life.

What defines a balanced cannabis strain? It's one that includes a significant percentage of CBD, as nature intended, allowing the Hactivators to effectively bind and work their magic.

  • 1 Cone per Pack
  • 12 Packs in a Case

RAW King Size cones measure 110mm in length and can hold approximately 1.15 grams, making them perfect for those who prefer the convenience of not having to hand-roll. Just fill, twist, and light up.

  • Natural Gum
  • Unbleached Paper

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