RAW Classic 98 Select Pre-Rolled Cones | 1000 Count




Explore the bulk convenience of RAW Classic 98 Select Pre-Rolled Cones, now available in a 1000 count box. These cones are a top pick for both cannabis enthusiasts and dispensaries, known for their quality and eco-conscious production.

  • Naturally unbleached, no additives
  • Patented criss-cross watermark for even burning
  • Acacia gumline for perfect sealing
  • 98mm in Length, perfect for a satisfying experience
  • 1000 Cones/Box, ideal for bulk use

Non-GMO, windmill powered, chlorine-free, and vegan-friendly, these RAW cones offer a pure and enjoyable smoking experience. They are a staple for those who prefer natural, unflavoured pre-roll cones. Get your bulk box today and ensure you're always stocked with the quality RAW is renowned for!

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