RAW Parchment Squares 5’’ X 5’’ - 500 Box




RAW Parchment Squares 5'' x 5'' - Explore the collection

Size: 13 cm x 13 cm

Quantity: 500 box

RAW Parchment squares are crafted from the finest unrefined, extra slick, dual-coated parchment paper.

These parchment squares are 100% naturally unbleached and coated with pure silicone, making them the most effective and eco-friendly non-stick surface for both high heat and uncooked sticky foods.

Unlike other parchment papers, RAW parchment squares contain no quilon, making them a superior and environmentally friendly choice.

Experience the difference with RAW® Rolling Papers, the pinnacle of a decade-long project to create the most natural rolling papers. Made in Alcoy, Spain, these papers embody the best and most authentic rolling experience globally.

RAW® is more than just rolling papers; it's a lifestyle committed to giving back through the RAW Foundation.

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