RAW Ethereal Rolling Papers | Size: King Size Slim


QTY: 1 Pack


These new RAW Ethereal are designed phenomenally thin to feel as if there was almost no paper at all! Carefully crafted for the greatest skilled rollers with absolutely perfect material. Nothing else will suffice. Roll carefully and savour every puff!

Key Features:

  • Perfect Size: Measuring 110mm in length and 44mm in height, they fit your rolling needs precisely.
  • Premium Paper: Made with phenomenally thin classic rolling paper. The thinnest rolling papers ever made!
  • Natural Composition: Unbleached and free from additives, offering a clean smoking experience.
  • Innovative Watermark: The patented criss-cross pattern ensures an even burn.
  • Quality Gumline: Made with acacia gum for strong and reliable sticking.
  • Quantity per Pack: 32 leaves in each pack, providing great value.

RAW Ethereal 1 1/4 Rolling Papers embody the brand's dedication to quality and natural smoking experiences.

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