RAW Classic Lean Size Pre Rolled Cones




Discover the RAW Classic Lean Size Pre-Rolled Cones, a top choice among cannabis enthusiasts and dispensaries. These cones are designed for those who value quality and sustainability in their smoking accessories.

  • Non-GMO & Windmill Powered: Embrace eco-friendly products with our windmill-powered, total chlorine-free cones.
  • Naturally Unbleached: Enjoy a pure smoking experience with our naturally unbleached pre-rolled cones.
  • No Additives: We ensure a clean, additive-free smoke every time.
  • Patented Criss-Cross Watermark: Experience even burning thanks to our patented watermark technology.
  • Acacia Gumline: Our cones are sealed with natural acacia gum for a perfect roll.
  • Convenient Packaging: Each pack contains 20 lean size cones, with 12 packs per case, ensuring you're always stocked up.
  • Size Specifications: Each cone is 110mm with a 40mm tip, ideal for a satisfying session.

As a staff favorite at MJ Supply + Co, these RAW Classic Lean Size Pre-Rolled Cones represent the best in unflavoured, natural pre-roll options. Perfect for bulk purchases, they are a must-have for any dispensary or personal collection. Order now and experience the convenience and quality of RAW products.

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