RAW 20 Stage RAWket Launcher Pre-Rolled Cone Variety Pack


QTY: 1 Pack


The RAW 20 Stage RAWket Launcher Pre-Rolled Cone Variety Pack offers an unparalleled selection of pre-rolled cones in various sizes, catering to every preference. This pack includes:

  • 2 x Supernatural (12") - Holds approx 10 grams.
  • 2 x Emerador (9") - Holds approx 3 grams.
  • 2 x Peacemaker (7") - Holds approx 1.5 grams.
  • 4 x King Size (110mm) - Holds approx 1.15 grams.
  • 2 x 98 Special (98mm) - Holds approx 0.95 grams.
  • 2 x Lean (110mm) - Holds approx 0.75 grams.
  • 8 x 1-1/4 (83mm) - Holds approx 0.75 grams.

Also available in cases of 8 packs, these RAW Pre-Rolled Cones are perfect for those who prefer not to hand-roll, offering convenience without sacrificing quality. Just fill, twist, and enjoy.

  • Naturally unbleached with no additives, ensuring a pure and natural experience.
  • Features a patented criss-cross watermark for an even burn and minimal runs.
  • Secured with a natural acacia gumline for a smooth, reliable seal.

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