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Puffco Peak Pro: A QUICK INTRO:

The Puffco Peak Pro is an updated version of what was widely considered to be the world's best dab rig vaporizer, the Puffco Peak. The new Pro has a nicer looking design, app usage, and is even better at delivering the concentrate. Puffco stays true to being the pioneers in the dab rig category of electronic vaporizers. Puffcos founder has announced they have upgraded every aspect of the Peak. The app-controlled temperature presets can be adjusted to ensure accurate vaping which can satisfy anyone from total beginner to seasoned veterans.

The Peak Pro is compatible with Wax, Shatter, Dab, Isolate, or any Solid Extract.

Puffco Peak Pro: KEY FEATURES

  • Bluetooth App Connectivity
  • Wireless Qi Charging
  • USB-C Connection
  • Auto-Sleep Function
  • Real-Time Temp. Control
  • Large Sealed Ceramic Chamber
  • Customizable LED Lights
  • High Volume Water Capacity
  • Oculus Carb Cap
  • 30-Session Average Battery Life
  • 2-Hour Fast Charge Time

Bluetooth App Connectivity

The Peak Pro can be controlled via a smartphone app called the Peak Pro App Experience. The app can be used to customize the four temperature presets by controlling heat duration, temperature, and color. The App can also be used to cycle through color schemes and lighting modes to set the mood when it is not in use along with many other awesome features. Cycle between four unique lighting patterns: Pulse, Wave, Disco, and Stealth.

The App also acts as the product’s screen allowing you to view Live Stat’s such as Active Heat Setting, Bowl Temperature, Daily Dabs and Total Dabs.

Wireless Charging

The Puffco Peak Pro comes with USB-C charging in line with what you would expect from a Next-Gen product. This offers more stable power distribution and faster charging times.

The Peak Pro Power Dock is a new accessory designed to keep your device charged and ready at all times. It also doubles up as a power bank meaning the battery life of the product is drastically improved. We highly recommend this accessory for seasoned, regular users.

Oculus Carb Cap

Puffco Peak Pro has a newly designed removable ceramic Carb Cap neatly coined the Oculus. The Oculus has a 40% larger capacity than its predecessor. This makes the Peak Pro suitable for passing around in a group session.

Another benefit of the new Oculus Carb Cap is that it is transparent which allows for monitoring of the material in the bowl.

Intelligent Embedded Chamber Sensing

Since the chamber is the engine for the entire device, Puffco has designed an embedded temperature sensor that sits within the chamber. This ensures the dab experience is as controlled and consistent as possible. The coil itself has gold plate connections and a sturdy lock mechanism. The benefit of the sensor is that it can make micro-adjustments to ensure the desired temperature is always being reached and not exceeded.

Premium Carrying Case

The Puffco Peak Pro’s carrying case fits in everything you need to take with you into a stylish and discrete travel case. This also ensures the product is protected when in transit with shock-absorbing foam padding


1 x Puffco Peak Pro

1 x Travel Case

1 x Micro USB-C Cable 

1 x Carb Cap

1 x Set of Cleaning Swabs

1 x Spare Ceramic Bowl

1 X Loading/Dab Tool

1 x USB Wall Charger

Puffco Peak Pro: TECH SPECS

This is what the Puffco Peak Pro has to offer:


7" High and 2.75" Base / 17.7 cm x 6.98 cm

Weight (in grams)


Average Heat Up time

30 Seconds

Temperature range

232 °C-316 °C → 450 °F - 620 °F

Temperature presets

4 Temperature Presets

Water Filtration


Mouthpiece Material


Heating Technique


Chamber/Oven Material






Energy Source


Haptic Feedback


Recharge Time

120 min

Puffco Peak Pro vs Puffco Peak

You might be thinking to yourself… I have the Puffco Peak, what’s the point in upgrading? Let’s dive in and discover what’s new for the Puffco Peak Pro that the Puffco Peak doesn’t have:

  • New Matte Finish Metal Body - doesn’t scuff easily
  • Wireless QI Charging Dock Capability
  • Oculus Carb Cap = Bigger Dabs: The Peak Pro allows you to take up to 40% bigger dabs with its newly designed, larger ceramic chamber. This new chamber also heats up faster and the temperature stabilizer ensures you are always getting the same temperature throughout the time you are inhaling.
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Puffco Peak Pro App Experience - Control your temperature presets with ease.

Does it have a Warranty?

The Puffco Peak Pro has a Limited Warranty of 1 Year. This means for one year, the product is protected against any defects in design, assembly, material, or workmanship subject to the product being adequately maintained.

Can you smoke flower out of a Puffco Peak Pro?

The Puffco Peak Pro is a Concentrates Vape meaning it is not designed specifically for flower. The Peak Pro works best with solid extracts such as wax, shatter, crystal or dab. 

How Long does the Peak Pro battery last?

Puffco state that the fully charged Peak Pro battery should maintain a charge for approximately 30 heating cycles before requiring a recharge. To check the product’s battery life, you can click the button three times. The color indicator will inform you how much charge is left: Green (100-60%), Yellow (60%-30%), Red (30%-0%)

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