EVOLV | Parchment Squares | Pre-Folded & Extra-Slick Sheets | 4"x4" | 500 Count




Save time with these all new pre-folded parchment squares! No more are the days of having to pre-fold your parchment before you fill it. These squares come with a 3x3 pre-fold for a streamlined filling process.

Silicone coated parchment paper is ideal in providing a smooth surface for storing your medicated concentrates after the extraction process. The silicone coating adds to the heat-resistance of the parchment paper while also offering up the grease-resistance integral during extraction. The double-sided coating allows you to most efficiently harvest the resulting concentrates. 500 units of this high quality parchment paper are included per box. With 500 sheets per order and measuring 4” x 4”, parchment paper squares are cost effective alternatives to concentrate containers.

  • Size: 4"x4" inches
  • 500 units per box
  • Material: Silicone Coated Parchment Paper
  • Pre-Folded Parchment Squares, Comes with a 3x3 fold
  • Extra-Slick & Non-Stick

Website: www.evolv.supply

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