EVOLV | FEP Ultra Clear Non-Stick Sheets | 5"x5" | 100 Count




These heat-sealable, hygienically food-grade 5” x 5” sheets are the perfect solution for high end waxes and similar concentrates. More and more concentrate producers are turning to FEP Clear Non-Stick Sheets for concentrate packaging. Waxes and other tenacious concentrates have been found to stick to FEP less than even PTFE while offering greater ruggedness, durability. FEP can also handle strong solvents better than other concentrate packaging materials like PTFE. These FEP sheets are also completely transparent which is ideal for the extractor who takes pride in the product.

  • Size: 5"x5" inches
  • 100 units per box
  • Material: Clear FEP
  • Non-stick

Website: www.evolv.supply

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