Futurola Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones | King Size: 109mm/ 26mm | 400/Pack




Do not miss out on these all-new, exclusive Futurola® Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones! Futurola, a leading brand in the Marijuana industry, ensures their pre-rolled cones are handcrafted to the highest quality-control standards, using tobacco-free/nicotine-free blunt paper for the best quality. These King Size blunt cones are also equipped with 26mm filter tips, making it easier to churn out blunts at greater speed.

The pre-rolled blunt cones are compatible with the Futurola Knockbox. The industry-disrupting Futurola Knockbox garnered huge popularity as one the first commercial automatic joint rollers; now, the Futurola Knockbox can easily allow producers to fill 100 pre rolled cones in 2 minutes flat. With a complete product line of Futurola Shredders, it has never been easier to grind flower in bulk to produce a high volume of pre-rolled cones in a short amount of time. If there ever was a perfect love triangle between three items, it would be between the Futurola Knockbox, a Futurola Shredder, and Futurola cones.

  • 400 units per box
  • Size: 109mm - King Size
  • Tip Length: 26mm
  • Capacity: 1.0g
  • Paper tip included
  • Packaged for retail

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