Futurola Dutch Brown Pre-Rolled Cones| Reefer Size: 98mm/ 26mm | 800/Pack

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Keep up with the increasing demand for pre rolls with this box of Futurola Dutch Brown Reefer Size Pre Roll Cones. Futurola’s unrefined super thin Dutch Brown rolling cones are loved for their slow, even burn. These Reefer Size pre roll cones measure in at 98mm with a 26mm filter tip; a perfect fit for Futurola Knockbox pre roll filling machines. You can count on quality from Futurola with the rolling papers used for these cones being manufactured in France and the cones being hand rolled in Bali.
  • 800 units per box
  • Size: 98mm
  • Filter Size: 26mm
  • Size: Reefer Size
  • Capacity: 0.6g
  • Paper tip included (unbranded)
  • Packaged for retail

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