EVOLV 8G Humidity Control Pack - 62%


QTY: 1/pk


The 8G EVOLV Humidity Control Pack was made for controlling humidity for marijuana buds, cigars, tobacco, and a variety of smoking products. The foundation of Humidipak is the patented 2-way humidity control technology that eliminates the humidity spikes and even the slightest fluctuations in humidity, preventing your product from losing any oils, character or flavor.

  • Patent 2-way 62% humidity control pack
  • For use in medium air-tight storage containers
  • For use with up to 1oz (28g)
  • Lasts 2-4 months depending on conditions
  • Replace when EVOLV humidi-pack turns rigid & dry
  • Individually wrapped, too keep fresh until ready for use
  • 1 per Individual Pack

Website: www.evolv.supply

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