GEAR Premium® Dip Stick




Grip it, dip it, and rip it with the Dip Stick from GEAR Premium®. This easy-to-use concentrate accessory is 510 thread compatible and allows you to use your concentrate anywhere at any time. Includes a replaceable heating coil (#G1351-1) and a removable silicone cap to take your Dip Stick on the go.

Product Features:
- 510 thread compatible
- Replaceable heating coil
- Removable silicone cap

What's Included:
1 x GEAR Premium® Dip Stick
1 x GEAR Premium® Dip Stick Replacement Coil
1 x Removable Silicone Cap

How to Use:
1. Screw airflow base to 510 battery
2. Push down mouthpiece on to airflow base
3. Screw coil to airflow base
4. Enjoy!

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