12" Metallic Terminator Finish Radiation Tube - Red Eye Tek - Green

Red Eye Tek
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How do you solve a problem like 5 solid square marias? You don’t, because you don’t actually have a problem. In fact, when you first lay eyes upon this beauty, you’ll take her hand and frolic through the grassy Austrian hills together until the end of time.


Product features:
- 12" tall
- 100% borosilicate glass
- fits 115mm downstems (#KTD115)

The next time someone tells you to get a grip, tell them you’re way ahead of them because you’ve got this robust water pipe firmly in your clutches thanks to its straight tube featuring 5 solid square marias.


· 5 solid square marias
· Straight tube
· Flat mouthpiece
· Signature diamond pull-out
· Clear polished joints
· For flower (mostly), trade the bowl for a banger to enjoy concentrates (we suggest the 14mm GEAR Premium Quartz Male 45° Banger)

What's included:
1 x 12" Metallic Terminator Finish Radiation Tube (#K3099)
1 x 14mm Metallic Terminator Pull-Out (#KP304)
1 x 115mm 14mm Metallic Terminator Downstem (#KTD115)

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