1 oz Glass Jar (Child Resistant) | Clear Jar w/ Black Plastic Screw Lid

Proper Bottles

Quantity: 1 Jar


Give your product a high-end feel with our BEAUTIFUL 1-ounce clear glass child resistant glass jars. Made of 3mm thick glass, these 1oz glass jars are sturdy and durable.

The screw-on lid includes a poly liner, which helps seal in oxygen and moisture to protect your product from environmental damage. The lid fits flush with the jar, allowing for smooth label application.


  • 200 units per case (also sold individually)
  • Dimensions: 40mm tall x 55mm diameter
  • Glass Thickness: 3mm
  • Fits up to 1 - 2 grams flower capacity
  • Volume: 1 fluid oz
  • Clear jar w/ black screw top lid

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