EVOLV TimberCraft Cone Filler / Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine | Fills 100 Cones in Minutes

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Size: Slender Kit (10mm)
$2,999.98 $5,499.98


EVOLV Cone Filler / Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine!

The EVOLV TimberCraft Cone Filler is a high quality cone filling machine that fills 100 cones in minutes using sound waves to tap the cones and vibrate the material.

This beastly beauty of a pre roll filling machine was made specifically for people that require volume production. The TimberCraft is of course fully backed by EVOLV!

The EVOLV is the ultimate cone filling machine:

  • Fills 100 cones in as little as 2 Minutes
  • 3 Speeds, from low to high density fills
  • Uses Sound Waves to Tap the Cones and Vibrate the Material into place
  • 18 month warranty (18 months after purchase) - INDUSTRY LEADING!
  • Replacement and additional parts available
  • Available in 2 sizes: Standard (13mm opening) or Slender (10mm opening)

Parts Included:

  • Vibration unit
  • Standard mix tray (Standard or Slender Size)
  • Cone loader
  • Collection box
  • Collection box plate
  • Power cable

2 Kit Sizes Available:

    • Standard Kit (hole opening diameter = 13mm): Compatible with EVOLV 1-1/4, M98/ 98 Special and King Size. (You can use cones with a crown of up to 12.5mm)
    • Slender Kit
  • (hole opening diameter = 10mm): Compatible with EVOLV Dog Walker/ Single Size (60/26, 70/30), Reefer Size and Queen/ Lean Size. (You can use cones with a crown of up to 9.2mm)


***Custom sizing and tooling available upon request with bulk orders.


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