EVOLV 2.0ml Full Ceramic Core/ Glass Body Press-on Vaporizer Cartridge | White (HC Compliant)


Quantity: 1
Size: 2.0ml


HEALTH CANADA COMPLIANT ( RoHS & FDA Reports available upon request)

Experience the purest and most flavourful vaping experience with our full ceramic 510 cartridge. Made entirely of high-quality ceramic material, this cartridge is designed to provide a clean, untainted taste with every puff. The 510 threading ensures easy compatibility with a wide range of vape pens and batteries, and the durable ceramic construction means you can enjoy this cartridge for many uses to come. Say goodbye to the unpleasant metallic or plastic taste often found in other cartridges and enjoy the full, rich flavour of your oil with our full ceramic 510 cartridge.

Make your product POP with this full ceramic vaporizer cartridge. It has both ceramic coils and a fully ceramic post which will bring out the best colour's of your product. These are a premium cartridge for a premium product. Not only do ceramic coils improve the flavour and give you a smoother draw, they also give you the benefit of not burning your concentrates when you're using a weed vaporizer like you constantly run the risk of with typical metal coil designs.

With a sleek design and a ceramic mouthpiece. These concentrate cartridges hold 2.0ml with 2 x 2.8*1.2mm oil intake holes.

These cartridges are a simple yet effective way to add to your growing product lines. 

  • Full ceramic structure: ceramic coil & ceramic core
  • Smooth consistent air-flow
  • Health Canada Compliant (RoHS & FDA Reports available upon request)
  • Press-on mouthpiece
  • Size: 2.0ml
  • Oil intake holes - (2) x 2.8*1.2mm
  • Resistance: 1.2 Ohms
  • 2 Part Glass cartridge
  • Ceramic Mouth piece included
  • Color: White
  • Works with any 510 Thread Battery
  • Can be used with both thick or thin oils

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