What is a Cannabis Grinder and When Should You Use One?

Want to get the most out of your cannabis? Then a grinder is an essential tool to keep handy. Some of the fancier ones can be a bit pricey, which could lead you to debate whether or not they are truly necessary, but there are several reasons to use one which we will explore below. 

What is a Cannabis Grinder?

A cannabis grinder is exactly what it sounds like—a device to break down, or grind, your cannabis. This may be necessary when you want to roll a blunt or tightly pack a bowl, because cannabis is often sold in large pieces. A grinder will break it down into smaller pieces of a consistent size. It is also essential if you plan on adding kief to your smoking experience. 

Cannabis grinders are small and circular, resembling a hockey puck. They are often made from metal, though you will find some that are stainless steel, wood, or plastic. As you twist the grinder, small teeth within will hold, crush, and break down the cannabis.

cannabis grinder

Types of Cannabis Grinder

The type of grinder that you buy will depend on its intended use and your own personal preference. They usually range in size from about 2” in diameter to 6”. A smaller grinder will require multiple loads to break down a nug, but they have the advantage of being the easiest to carry around. Larger ones can break down more nugs in a single load and their size provides more leverage. The downside is that they are less portable and thus a little less convenient.

The most common type of grinder includes four pieces:

  • The lid has teeth for grinding
  • The grind section has teeth for grinding and holes for the ground weed to pass through
  • A storage chamber collects and stores the weed. It also has a screen to filter kief
  • The kief catcher is at the bottom and is where the kief is collected

Some other grinders may have only two or three pieces, lacking the kief catcher, while some might have as many as five.

Cannabis catchers made from metal are the most durable, but the most expensive. Plastic ones are cheaper but break more easily. Wooden cannabis grinders can be very attractive but tend to be more difficult to clean.

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How Do You Use a Cannabis Grinder?

Using a cannabis grinder is not difficult following these steps:

Prepare the bud

To prevent the grinder from potentially clogging up, you should prepare the bud before grinding. This means removing large nugs and stems. Make sure you're doing everything you can to keep your weed fresh.

Open and Fill the Grinder

After removing the larger parts, remove the lid of the grinder and add your buds to the grinding chamber. Do not overfill it and avoid putting anything in the middle. The centre is where it pivots, which means that anything placed there will not be ground. There may also be a magnet here in metal grinders, which helps to keep the lid on tightly.

Replace the Lid

Replace the lid and make sure that it is properly closed.

Rotate the Grinder Lid

Rotate the grinder’s lid. This is what causes the teeth to grind the cannabis. It will only take a few rotations to complete the process, though you can add a few more rotations for smaller pieces.

Tap the Grinder’s Exterior Before Opening It

Before removing the lid, tap it a few times. This will remove the ground cannabis from the lid’s teeth.  

Empty the Grinder

Empty out the grinder, scooping ground herb from the bottom chamber. If you are using a grinder with a screen to filter kief, be careful not to damage it.

Clean Your Grinder

Remember to keep your grinder clean so that it continues to work as intended. Too much resinous buildup may cause it to clog.

cannabis grinder

When Should You Use a Cannabis Grinder?

As mentioned above, you can use a grinder to break down nugs when you want to roll a joint or tightly pack a bowl. It’s also useful when you want to save a few bucks by buying in bulk and breaking down the dried herb each time you use it. You can also use a grinder to break down CBD flower, increasing its potency. 

Many users find that a grinder makes the cannabis more flavourful, while also making it smell better, as breaking it down helps to release its aroma. Smaller grounds are also easier to light, resulting in a smoother experience.

Finally, the grinder can serve as a carry case for your cannabis, protecting it and letting you keep it close at hand for when you want it most.