The Importance of Third-party Lab Testing for Cannabis Products
Cannabis has seen many changes over the past several years, perhaps the most significant being how it moved from its underground roots to become legal, not just becoming accepted, but turning into a thriving and highly regulated industry. Today, safe, high-quality cannabis products are being enjoyed by a wider market than ever before and a significant factor in reaching this level of success has been due to third-party testing.

What is Third-party Testing?

It’s normal for manufacturers to undertake some form of quality assurance on their own, often performed on-site. While this does provide some benefit, it lacks the objectivity found in third-party testing, which sees the manufacturer engaging an independent, accredited laboratory that is free from any vested interest in the success of the product. By performing third-party testing, more reliable and impartial results can be obtained, which creates a greater sense of trust among consumers.
Testing for Cannabis Products

The Cornerstones of Third-party Testing

There are three main components that make up third-party testing for cannabis products, which are as follows:

  • Safety Assurance

The most vital part of testing is centred on detecting any harmful contaminants that might be found in cannabis products, ranging from microbial growth and mycotoxins to heavy metals and pesticides. Third-party testing helps to identify the presence of these contaminants, which are health risks for consumers, particularly those who suffer from existing medical conditions. 

  • Potency Confirmation

Another key component of testing is to accurately gauge the concentration of cannabinoids such as THC in cannabis products. Users who rely on cannabis products to manage specific conditions rely on accurate labelling. With third-party testing to verify concentrations, consumers are able to make informed choices.

  • Consumer Trust Building

Although safety and potency are primary considerations, the role of consumer trust is not to be overlooked. Consumers who don’t have trust in a product are unlikely to use it when alternatives are available. A third-party seal of approval is considered a symbol of quality and safety, which increases consumer confidence.

MJ Supply and Co’s Commitment to Quality

At MJ Supply and Co, our customers are our top priority, which is why part of our mission is to provide them with the information they need to enjoy their consumption of cannabis safely. This means encouraging them to find products that have been tested in top-tier labs with a reputation for impartiality and accuracy. Through rigorous third-party testing, such items have been found to meet the highest standards of quality and safety. 

The Non-negotiable Standard

The cannabis industry is evolving, and third-party testing continues to play an integral role. The regulatory and legal guidelines in place will certainly evolve as well, becoming more stringent as the industry grows and consumers become more discerning. 


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