Marijuana Storage: How to Properly Store Your Cannabis

Storing your cannabis properly is the key to preserving its potency so that you can enjoy it later. No one likes to waste money on marijuana!

This article will go over the basics of what storage entails and how best to store marijuana to maximize taste, quality, and potency.

We will also provide a few pointers on how long you can safely store your marijuana for each method.

Remember that when storing your cannabis in any way, it's important not to expose it to light or use any plastic bags in the process.

Cannabis Containers

The first step to storing your cannabis is to find a container.

We recommend not using plastic (except for shatter containers) because it can leach into your marijuana, diminishing its flavor and potentially exposing you to harmful chemicals.

The best kinds of containers are glass jars or metal canisters. 

Remember that the container you use will affect the cannabis you keep inside it.

Metal containers will improve the taste of buds by slowing down the oxidation process that occurs as well as reducing moisture levels, thereby preserving flavor and potency.

Glass jars are perfect because they aren't affected by residual humidity, they are impermeable to oxygen, and they aren't affected by temperature fluctuations.

Glass also doesn't bleach any chemical compounds into your cannabis, so no need to worry about ruining the fresh aroma or ingesting any unwanted chemicals inadvertently.

The only problem with using glass jars for cannabis is that they won't protect your marijuana from drying out or getting heat damaged.

When this happens, your cannabis will become dry and brittle. If you're not able to store your glass jars in a cool, dark place, but it's a good idea to use a dark or tinted jar for the best marijuana storage and protection.

Marijuana Storage Temperature

Temperature is a big factor in how safely and how long you can store marijuana.

When you decide on a container and wrap your marijuana, the next thing you need to consider is how the temperature will affect it.

There are two main kinds of temperatures, cold and room temperature.

If you want to store your cannabis for a short period of time, then keep it in a cool place away from light as mentioned above (using metal or dark glass containers will help).

Otherwise, if you are storing your cannabis for an extended period of time such as months or years, you should refrigerate it before wrapping or storing it. This will slow down the oxidation process and reduce moisture levels.

boveda humidity pack

Storing Marijuana & Humidity

The best way to control your cannabis's temperature is through the container itself.

Glass is better than plastic but you will have to wrap it using a paper towel scrunched up tightly with your bud.

Make sure that your container is tightly closed because if too much air gets inside, then it'll warm up and spoil your cannabis. 

Wherever you're planning on storing your marijuana, the local humidity levels have a lot to do with how long the medicinal qualities of your herb will persist.

If there's too much moisture, this is going to make your marijuana susceptible to mould and mildew. If there's too little moisture, this is going to dry out your cannabis, which will degrade the cannabinoids and terpenes.

To keep your cannabis as fresh as possible, especially when it comes to potency, flavor, aroma, color, texture, it's a good idea to keep the relative humidity levels between 59% and 63%. The sweet spot is said to be 62%, which is the perfect humidity level if you're planning on storing cannabis for smoking.

Those of you looking to store your cannabis for a long period of time or want to look into using humidity control packs for cannabis. This helps to stabilize the humidity and is the best way to store cannabis for a long time.

Marijuana and Light

You want to keep your cannabis away from light as much as possible, especially during any period of marijuana storage.

The UV rays from the sun can have a negative impact on the flavour and efficiency of your favourite strain.

Research was done which showed that light exposure was the biggest factor that had a detrimental impact on the long term stability rate of cannabinoids. The result was that the stored cannabis lost its potency much more quickly when it was exposed to sunlight versus being stored in dark containers in temperature controlled conditions.

The takeaway here is that whenever you're planning on storing marijuana, keep it away from both natural and unnatural light as much as you can.

How to Properly Store Your Cannabis

glass jar of cannabis

At this point you should have a pretty good idea of how to store marijuana.

We recommend storing your marijuana in a glass jar or metal container, whenever possible.

Keep your marijuana away from UV light and unnatural light, if it's not being used right away.

Avoid storing your cannabis in humid or exceedingly dry conditions. You also want to avoid storing it anywhere that it's too cold or too hot.

These helpful marijuana storage tips should make it easier for you to keep your marijuana fresh, potent, and ready to use for a longer period of time.

Your Questions, Answered

Should I store my marijuana in a glass jar?

Glass containers are the best way to store your cannabis. There's no static, like you would find with plastic, and it won't affect the taste, like you would find with a metal container.

Glass jars also allow for an airtight seal, they protect against oxidation, and you can still display your marijuana strains for easier organization.

Are mason jars good for storing cannabis?

Yes, Mason jars are a great way to store your marijuana at home. 

They protect your product from moisture, humidity, and temperature fluctuations.

Mason jars are one of the best ways to store cannabis for long periods of time.

Should you freeze marijuana to keep it fresh?

No, it's definitely not a good idea to freeze your marijuana.

There are a number of risks to freezing cannabis and there aren't any significant advantages.

You're better off using a glass jar or a different container and a product that allows you to control the humidity levels inside of your marijuana storage container.