How to Use a One-Hitter Pipe

A one-hitter pipe, as the name implies, is a small pipe that can hold about one hit of cannabis. Although they are made from many different materials, they are typically glass or metal. They are shaped like a straight tube, with a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other. They offer the same kind of high as any other pipe and give you complete control over the amount of THC you are taking in.

Some one-hitters can be attractive blown-glass pieces, while others are designed to resemble cigarettes. This makes them useful for more discreet smoking. They are also useful for those who are new to smoking, or those who smoke only moderately.

Types of One-Hitters and How to Use Them

One-hitters are nothing new. In fact, one-hitters have been around in one form or another for centuries or more. Some types of one-hitters include:

how to use a one hitter pipe


This type of one-hitter has been in use for thousands of years. The traditional use is to smoke them vertically. Make a fist with your palm facing down and with the mouthpiece between your middle and ring fingers. The pipe should be firmly placed between your fingers. Wrap your free hand around your fist, making an airtight seal so that the smoke does not escape. Your fist creates a smoke chamber which catches embers and cools the smoke. Since this method will require assistance in lighting the chillum, you may want to try the one-handed method.

If using one hand, use your pointer finger and thumb to make a circle (like the “ok” signal). Insert the bottom end of the chillum through the hole, on the palm side of your hand. Keep the chillum vertical, lighting it with whatever heat source you prefer. Draw the smoke from the mouthpiece on the bottom, but do not put your mouth directly on the chillum.

Clean your chillum immediately after each use while still warm. Remove the filter, wiping it down thoroughly with a cloth, then plunge a cloth through the straight pipe, working it back and forth. You may want to use a cleaning product design to remove grime from pipes for a deep clean. 

one hitter pipe


Dugouts come with two chambers. One works as the one-hitter, while the other is for storing a small amount of cannabis. Your herb should be packed into the dugout after it is ground. You can grind it by hand or with a grinder, as you prefer.

To fill the dugout compartment, use a business card or other small piece of paper. Fold it in half and place the ground herb on it, in the crease. Angle the paper into the dugout and slide the herb in, filling the compartment. Push it down for a tighter pack, but not too hard, or you won’t be able to get it back out into your one-hitter. Your dugout is now loaded and ready for use.

The one-hitter will have a small hollow cavity at the top into which the dry herb is placed. To pack the one hitter, insert it top down into the dugout, pressing and twisting simultaneously. You can apply some pressure to ensure that the herb fills the top of the one-hitter. This will take some practice to get it tight, but not so tight as to make it difficult to clean.

Now you can use your lighter or torch to get it lit. 

When repacking, clean out the top completely so that no stray herb remains around the sides.

Benefits of Using a One-Hitter

One-hitters offer a couple of advantages, including:


Being small, one-hitters are a discreet way to smoke, especially those that resemble cigarettes. They are easy to quickly tuck out of sight in your pocket and can also be palmed in your hand. They are perfect for when you are trying to be subtle.


One-hitters help you conserve your stash. Using a pipe or bong, or smoking a joint, it’s easy to pack a whole bowl and finish it off. Using a one-hitter keeps you more aware of each hit. You use a little at a time and by being more mindful, you are less likely to over-pack or over-smoke. One-hitters also go out after a hit or two, rather than continuing to burn.


One-hitters are excellent for microdosing. You’ll use smaller hits that are more accurately sized, letting you dial in the effects of your experience. This is a great way to moderate your consumption.

one hitter pipe

Best Type of Cannabis for a One-Hitter

You can use any type of cannabis strain with your one-hitter. More important than the type is the consistency and texture. It should be freshly dried and ready to be ground. Grinding properly may take some practice—too fine and you’ll be inhaling ash, but too course and you’ll block the airflow. It won’t take long to get the right balance. 

Whether you like to take smaller hits, or want to be more discreet, you’ll find a one-hitter provides you with a great option.


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